About me

Hello. My name is Yara Toledo. I’ve been an English teacher for over ten years and today I coordinate a wonderful team of teachers at an also wonderful school called Plural Communication.

I don’t say my teachers are wonderful because they’re cool and fun to be around. Well, yes. They are cool and fun to be around. But these teachers are truly wonderful because, just like me, they love teaching and they do so with excellence and creativity!

This blog was born from this passion for teaching that we all share and it has the objective of providing everybody with a little bit of what happens in our classes at Plural. This is a collaborative blog, because all our teachers have something to say. Everyone of us has a favorite class or an explanation we are particularly proud of. The posts are written in English, Portuguese or Spanish so that its content will reach the greatest number of people.

And, as on every Blog, this is an open channel to your comments, suggestions or criticism. Your visit is a pleasure – being you a language teacher or a language learner – and it will be even a greater pleasure to get your comments. And if you like the blog, spread the word! Tell your friends. Follow us on Twitter. That’s how social media get interesting and become important information tools.


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