Secrets to Success

Como atingir o sucesso profissional? 


Richard St. John faz uma apresentação dos 8 “segredos” para o sucesso. Mais uma excelente apresentação  do  TED que utilizamos em nossas aulas de conversação na Plural.

Esta rápida apresentação (3min35″) é excelente para que alunos, desde o nível pré intermediário, pratiquem o inglês com textos reais.

Agradeço ao professor Stephen George, que escreve abaixo sua introdução ao vídeo.

“Many of us have our own ideas of how to achieve success in life and the variation among these ideas can be extreme. In this video clip an expert on the subject gives a presentation at TED talks as to what he views as the essential actions required for a person to achieve success. His suggestions seem somewhat intuitive but we must ask ourselves whether we truly follow these principals at all times in our quest for success or if sometimes we become discouraged and let these ideas fall by the wayside. Finally it is worth asking ourselves if the qualifications of success mentioned in the video are true marks of success or if we must look beyond our careers and bank accounts, when considering this concept, to realize that success and in turn happiness rely on much less superficial factors present in our daily lives. These factors especially include our relationships with our family and friends as well as our health and well-being.”

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